2011 The Year For Local Small Business To Go Mobile

The year 2011 for local small business to go mobile from a large retail trader’s perspective would be a emphatic yes. Does investing in a cheap form of advertising to get more customers into a local small business seem common sense, is certainly a distinct possibility. According to Australian 2006 Census whole sale traders employing more than 200 workers 92 per cent have internet access and retail traders having greater than 200 employee’s at 100 per cent internet access. Accommodation and Food services 100 per cent and Financial and Insurance services 100 per cent also. In the Property rental and Real Estate services sector 21.3 per cent of businesses generate 50 per cent of total income from the internet.For the future of shopping online using mobile technology in Australia is growing and in July 2011 when the next census in Australia is all said and done results will need to be adjusted. Broad band plans advertised currently with Dodo are dirt cheap at 250 gigabyte for $29 Australian per month. I work online for 14 hours a day and never exceed my 100 gig per month plan so 250 gigabyte is simply mind blowing.With total optimism in my heart this how I envisage online mobile access being a very utilized service for all Australians. This is how it works on the basis that Australia population is aging and there was bickering not more than 8 months ago on all the radio news that Australia must control immigration as the city of Sydney cannot handle anymore residents and land availability and water consumption was also a real issue.Aging population, land shortage, traffic congestion and increasing fuel and food prices, high costs of child care and education for the generations to come there has to be a way to save on energy and over crowding. This brings me to the conclusion that more people need to use online shopping and save costs of unnecessary travel to retail centers resulting in waste of their money on fuel. In addition road accidents will decrease saving on emergency services and hospital treatment, less stress of driving in congested traffic, less road rage and civil court costs. Home entertainment will become more popular with cheaper broad band costs as increasing amount of users help subsidize the infrastructure for mobile technology. Senior citizens can keep their mind active with learning new internet skills and software and earn income from telling their life experiences in online forums, blogging and flipping websites. The internet does not discriminate on age.Another benefit of using the online world to advertise a local small business is the less need to use paper, recycled or otherwise. Having a website means a real opportunity to direct market to your customer’s by way of email marketing and S.M.S (short messaging service) as you would know if you have teenage family what “text messaging” means, especially if having to vote for the Australia’s next idol or favorite “Dancing with the Stars” contestant. Well have not even scraped the surface here with tricks and techniques how to get customers to your website, since I spend a lot, I mean a lot of time on the internet there is always new marvelous software that entices people to get involved and interact with a website that could not or would not happen with a physical store front. To run a contest to get people interested by having them vote for your Google Places listing or your Face Book Fan page in exchange for a coupon or monthly store giveaway or free engine tune up for their car. You know how the “Barter” works well this is different as a small business still gets the cash. Yes the ways and means are many and more online marketing strategies present everyday that have not been tested on the offline world as yet. I refer to a lot more than buying or selling on eBay and Mobile banner advertising is one very real and on the increase form of advertising for a small business on the internet.